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  • Searching universes of


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Searching universes of possibilities.

Finding industry's answers.

Deeper Eureka provides discovery and optimization services and software for the most difficult search problems using classical heuristic algorithms, quantum annealing or high performance hardware.

What We Do

Finding precise answers in large search spaces

Nature creates search spaces of astronomical size. We need to learn from nature and develop new, fast solutions if we are going to navigate those complex spaces.

Algorithmic approaches can discover optima in truly astronomical search spaces by using non-deterministic approaches such as population-based algorithms, training networks of inference, predictive analytics and even optimization with quantum computation and quantum-inspired processing. And heuristic searches can be combined with deterministic optimization and researchers’ tools to accelerate research and development.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Evolved systems in the real world are often efficiently searched using Evolutionary Algorithms



For example, portfolio optimization can be scaled using heuristics



Searching physical parameters may benefit from a geometric formulation



Route optimization is one successful example of applied Quantum Annealing


Types of industry we serve

There are certain industries and problem domains that are susceptible to certain types of solution for non-deterministic and difficult problems. Some examples:

  • Discovery of bio-active compounds
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Geometrical and mechanical design
  • Engineering parameter discovery
  • Manufacturing process optimization
  • Investment portfolio optimization
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How Our Solutions Work

State-of-the-art algorithmic approaches built in many languages


To keep up with state-of-the-art search and discovery approaches we maintain a taxonomy of search techniques. This means we learn which types of problem succumb to which approaches and why.

Top-level of search algorithm taxonomy:

  • Population – Solve by competing and finding building blocks
  • Network – Solve by statistical reinforcement
  • Landscape Navigators – Solve via relationships between solutions
  • Landscape Tunnellers – Solve with Quantum Annealing
  • Kernel Methods – Solve via relationships between answers
  • Brute Force – Find through high performance searching




Delivering software solutions so researchers and developers have the controls

We offer algorithm design, validated software, integration and proven performance.

Whether for research and development or production, for the developed algorithm to become a viable discovery solution, it must be integrated with users’ workflow, data repositories, instruments or simulations. We integrate systems to streamline the discovery part of the R&D workflow so the researcher and engineer can focus on their important work. 

Software delivered includes:

  • Desktop and web user interfaces
  • Advanced visualizations
  • Instrument HMIs
  • API’s 
  • Command Line Interfaces
Who We Are

A unique organisation run by our member Data Scientists and Software Engineers

A growing team of experts working for each other. And we are looking for new members.

Deeper Eureka is a Continuous Organisation head-quartered in Oxford, United Kingdom, with a close network of owner-members working remotely and on-site. It is to be incorporated in the United Kingdom as a non-subsidiary part of Angleware ( It presently has two Full Partners and a growing community of expert Associate Partners.


If you are a modeller, engineer or data scientist with expertise in optimization, discovery, system integration or any of the above languages in a product development or discovery context and would like to apply to join Deeper Eureka please get in touch here explaining your current interests, skills, technical background and what drives your desire to help our clients’ discover.

Deeper Eureka can provide initial consultations on your optimization or discovery project via video link - Request via Request Information or make a telephone enquiry.
Telephone Enquiries
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